Voltaware -

low cost energy monitoring service which allowed you to monitor your energy appliances. 

Our sensor is currently geared for use in single-phase buildings, or buildings with separated electricity supply to subsidiary single-phase circuits. We're currently developing our three-phase sensor for use in large commercial and industrial buildings, and compatibility with split-phase fuse boards and solar panel installations.



Cut your running costs with an understanding of how much electricity you’re consuming, and importantly, where the sources of your energy use are. By changing your energy-use behaviour, you’ll not only reduce your bills, but increase your business's energy efficiency. Our energy monitoring service is low-cost, enabling you to make a sustained, long-term impact on your energy-use behavior and management.


Housing associations & Councils

Improve the support and services you provide to your tenants by helping them to understand and reduce their energy bills, while leading the drive toward sustainability in social housing. Real-time energy-use information can also act as a crucial monitoring system for your elderly and vulnerable tenants. We’re currently piloting our service with Energy Solutions in fuel-poor and vulnerable households in Brent, north London, and have a number of other pilots lined up in London, Paris and Moscow.


Energy management

Whether you provide an energy management service for households or SMEs, or you’re looking to offer new energy services in your smart home platform, Voltaware is a great value-adding service. Voltaware can be fully integrated into an existing platform through our API. Bring your clients a whole new level of transparency over their energy use; the information is clear and actionable, enabling decision makers to make effective energy management decisions.


Universities & Public institutions

Realise your energy saving potential. The Voltaware energy monitor is a great tool to gather valuable data for comprehensive energy efficiency assessments and research. Gain unparalleled insights into building consumption profiles and sources of consumption over time and in real-time. Use our app to help students and employees engage in energy saving activities and become part of a smarter energy system with Demand Side Response. 


Energy suppliers, Distribution & Transmission operators

In a deregulated market, Voltaware is a crucial value-adding service for energy suppliers. Whether you’re looking for customer retention or increased market penetration, giving your customers the tools to control their electricity use and effectively reduce their costs will increase customer loyalty and trust. Suppliers, distributors and transmission operators can use our real-time data to gain detailed insight into demand, and discover the opportunity to tap into the domestic Demand Side Response market.



High energy bills are a global problem. Explore our unique value-add energy monitoring service to provide homeowners and businesses with control and understanding over their energy consumption. Integrate Voltaware into your smart home platform or hub to offer a complete, well-rounded service for better customer retention.

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