CINEMOOD Storyteller mini cinema projector for family.



Watch your favorite movies, cartoons and TV shows anywhere you want on the big screen. Perfect for travellers, outdoor movie nights, celebrations and more.








Content Inside

CINEMOOD has a pre-loaded library with a selection of 100+ cartoons and 20 digital books. Need more?
Subscription will become available soon!








Bedtime Stories
At It's Best

Develop your own bedtime ritual with our Storyteller. Establishing and maintaining good sleep habits will help your child fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed.







Reasons to love

Safe light won't tire sensitive eyes of a child and will help them to go to sleep


Single charge is enough to watch 20 minutes worth of cartoons every day during the week


CINEMOOD will help parents save time spent for searching kids-friendly content


Watch your own content from USB-flash drive using adapter that comes with CINEMOOD


Watch your favourite movies and cartoons on any surface, at home and during the trip


Connect CINEMOOD to WiFi to get software updates and access to personal subscription (coming soon)


Silent cooling will keep mini-cinema quite to help your kid fall asleep without interruption


Free companion app will help you control your CINEMOOD seamlessly right from the couch

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