About the company

«Smart-4Y» is a new company created in 2017 as an dedicated exclusive distributor of IoT solutions.

«Smart-4Y» has direct relationships with many Telecom, Enterprise and Retails customers in the regions of presence. All employees have more than 10 years Telecom and IT work experience.

The main business activities of the «Smart-4Y» company is marketing & sales. We also provide Pre-Sale engineering and Technical support for promoted products in the regions of presence.

We are focusing on promotion of IoT solutions for B2G/B2B and B2C customers.

By IoT we mean both consumer oriented IoT products and industrial ones. We think that the Cloud based IoT products will be the key drivers for the market up to 2020. As, there are big competition on the last mile access technologies for IoT products (LORA/SIGFOX/LTE

M/ZeegBe/MBUS/Bluetooth4.0 and others …), we are decided to focus on the IoT products itself to provide to our partners best connection with our customers on the markets where we are working.


For B2C customers:

We believe that the key drivers for the consumer IoT Smart Home products will be Security and Entertainment based IoT solutions and solu- tions which can help consumers to safe the time and money (as energy efficiency products).


For B2B customers:

IoT products should be an instrument to get additional revenue or to increase the efficiency of their work or loyalty of their customers.


For B2G customers:

In most cases they ready to have IoT as a part of national program to implement Smart City, Energy Efficiency or National Security new standards.

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